Liska zoekt een Kamer in Amsterdam

Liska zoekt: Een Kamer in Amsterdam

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My name is Liska and I'm gonna move to Amsterdam in September / mid August to start studying Politics. Meanwhile I'm wrapping up my first studies here in Germany.

I already lived last year for six month in Leeuwarden and my aunt lives in an Ecodorp in Noordholland, so I kinda understand Dutch but I want to be able to speak it proberly and I'm looking forward to live again in the Netherlands, but this time not in Friesland.

I am an independent person, I like to explore places and people - also on my own - so I travel a lot and mostly in the Middle East, especially Palestine. I did some stuff there, protecting and projects, which taught me a bit of Arabic.
I lived already alone, in shared flats, rooms or rooftops so I´m good with every given living situation and can adapt.

I like drinking red wine (or other colours) while discussing the world and humanity, prefered before going out to dance to disco/funk, if enough monies are present.
I do feel really strong about my opinions towards capitalism and imperialism - I oppose both - and it would be nice to share this with the people I live with. Also, I like feeling at home, borrow a good book, a left over beer, have a cigarette and / or a sweet good night talk.
Looking forward to get in touch. Cheers

Algemene informatie: Liska
  Vrouw, 28 jaar
Type huurder: Student
  translation.andersjaars Politics (UNIVERSITEIT)