Aspasia zoekt een Kamer / Appartement / Huurwoning / Studio / Woonboot in Amsterdam

Aspasia zoekt: Een Kamer / Appartement / Huurwoning / Studio / Woonboot in Amsterdam

  • Kamer / Appartement / Huurwoning / Studio / Woonboot
  • Min. 8 m2
  • Vrouw
  • 04 Per direct

My name is Aspa, I’m from Greece, I’m 24 and I came to Amsterdam to do a master. I decided to study now because it was the right time for me to stop working and I seized the opportunity to do something useful that would give me a break. I was working with refugees all over Greece, on islands, north, south west for the past 3 years and that has been a very formative experience for me, but also one I needed to abstain from for a while. Here, I’m studying International Development. I’m also doing aerial silks and hopefully soon, I will start Arabic courses as well :)
I’m someone who tidies up and cleans before working or studying; I value a clean space and I prefer eating home, so I cook a lot (and I express my Greekness). I would really appreciate it if you’re also into recycling, because I am.
I expect my time in Amsterdam to be busy, and I would love that actually, but I really love hanging out as well. I already know quite a few people here (I did also my Bachelor in the Netherlands) and I more than eager to meet more.
Best impressions in person though!

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